Greenwich gets a makeover from 46-year-old millennial

President of Greenwich, Albert Cuadrante
Greenwich Pizza President Albert Cuadrante

For Greenwich Pizza president Albert Cuadrante, being young is a state of mind.

Having been previously the vice president for marketing of Jollibee Foods Corp. where he was among the younger executives, Cuadrante now leads the country’s leading pizza and pasta chain in a room full of millennials, and yes, that includes himself.

“I consider myself a millennial,” the 46-year-old said. “Greenwich is actually very dynamic, very energetic, and very fun. Nakakabata (It makes me feel young).”

Cuadrante’s unmistakable alacrity to embrace latest trends and the social media has completely transformed the pizza chain from a family-friendly fast food restaurant to a modern-day pizzeria for young adults—and it has proven to be a successful strategy.

In just four years since he took over in 2013, Greenwich revenues kept growing and has been expanding its reach in the country with an average of 30 new stores every year. To date, it has over 300 branches nationwide.

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Kushikatsu Daruma has the best pulutan in town

Everything in Bonifacio Global City is atrociously expensive, and chances are, without food recommendations from people I trust, I don’t try food spots to avoid being schemed.


With that, I entered Kushikatsu Daruma as a cynical faux-food connoisseur. The place is another brainchild of the Tasteless Food Group, which means innovation is what they’re best at. It is a franchise of the famous food spot in Dotonburi, Osaka, which is now available to you if you visit the Uptown Mall in Taguig.

Kushikatsu literally means fried food on a skewer, no surprises there. But more than that, the place prides itself with good umami sauce – the perfect balance of sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness. Not everyone gets it right, but they do.

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Engkanto Brewery brings ‘magic recipe’ to beer sector

The power duo behind Engkanto Beers: Ian Paradies (left) and Josh Karten (right)

Filipino-Spanish Ian Paradies left his job at one of the world’s largest port management companies in the country to pursue what he loves—beer.

The 34-year-old admits not knowing anything about making it, but shares with pride that he has years of drinking experience under his belt.

For his venture to work, Paradies searched high and low for a brewmaster with the right combination of knowledge and experience to make a reality of his vision.

Eventually, through mutual friends and a few email exchanges, he met Josh Kanter, the owner of the popular Proclamation Ale Co. in the United States.

With Paradies’ background in marketing and advertising and Kanter’s experience in running the award-winning brewery in Rhode Island, they started Engkanto Brewery.

Their goal? To introduce to the market a line of high-quality craft beers that fit the average Filipino’s palate and pocket.

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Overloaded crepes, pizza baguettes, and “testicles” house rum in this Bohemian restobar in La Union


There will always be days when immeasurable workload can take its toll on you, and keeping off the grid on some place miles away from the metropolis is the only way to keep one’s sanity.

It’s why me and my friend went to La Union, sea foam and curling waves aplenty. We decided to stay in San Juan where accommodations are side by side, and where surfing is nothing but a local habit. Tucked in one of the oldest resorts in the barangay is a hidden restobar you can consider a gem for locals and tourists alike – the Le Point Bar PH.

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Eggs for Breakfast (and dinner)

It’s been difficult for Nico and I to find a good place to eat. Although both of us have mastered the art of criticizing food but not cooking, we ought to be picky where we spend our money. The modus operandi of “artisanal” places have been insane, and being millenials (can we still consider ourselves in that category?), known to spend more on food than retirement, we need to make it count.

We decided to try Eggs for Breakfast Cafe in Mambugan, Antipolo. Nico likes eggs, almost to a fault, so this place has automatically caught our fancy. It was funny because when we went there, a wedding reception just finished. It wouldn’t be nice to crash the place wearing a sando and be accompanied by another wearing board shorts, right? The cafe itself only consumes a tenth of the place. It’s situated inside Velada, which, from the looks of it, is an events place for romantic proposals etcetera, etcetera.

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Hokkaido Santouka’s Shio Ramen is a time machine

For some reason, this ramen reminds of Shiro's famous sushi. Carefully made, no unnecessary ingredients, just masterful craftsmanship.
For some reason, this ramen reminds me of Shiro’s famous sushi. Carefully made, no unnecessary ingredients, just masterful craftsmanship.

Having a one-day weekend will take its toll on you, as what it did to me. And eventually, you’ll realise that it is not the seasons that dictate when you should eat ramen, but how you feel. There is no perfect weather for binging on noodles (people who say that are purists!!) because it is always a good idea to binge on noodles. It’s like Paris, but Asian. So wearing pambahay clothes and sporting my unwashed hair, me and my sister headed to Trinoma to try Hokkaido Santouka.

Food triumphs over hygiene, as always.

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We’re all #lazybastards

One evening after an excruciatingly slow day at work, me and Nico decided to ambush our newest favorite place in Makati after El Chupacabra: The Lazy Bastard.

The only photo I took. Food was too good I had no time to spare. And if you’re wondering, yes, that is Nico.

We love the place because it’s true to its words: Food is grossly unhealthy but superbly scrumptious.

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