Kushikatsu Daruma has the best pulutan in town

Everything in Bonifacio Global City is atrociously expensive, and chances are, without food recommendations from people I trust, I don’t try food spots to avoid being schemed.


With that, I entered Kushikatsu Daruma as a cynical faux-food connoisseur. The place is another brainchild of the Tasteless Food Group, which means innovation is what they’re best at. It is a franchise of the famous food spot in Dotonburi, Osaka, which is now available to you if you visit the Uptown Mall in Taguig.

Kushikatsu literally means fried food on a skewer, no surprises there. But more than that, the place prides itself with good umami sauce – the perfect balance of sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness. Not everyone gets it right, but they do.

NO DOUBLE DIPPING! It’s not hygienic, guys.
Cool interiors!
I choose tables by their distance to 1) the restroom (must be far from it) 2) the airconditioning unit (depends on how hot/cold I feel) and 3) electrical sockets (in this case, each table has one!). Extra points for Kushikatsu if we’re being honest.

Skewers and dips. It’s not a complicated food to eat. In fact, it’s basically street food. But try pairing it with cold beer and now you’ve found the perfect place to hangout and chill with your friends.

We know. You’re welcome.

It’s like drinking at your favorite kanto a few steps from university, but instead you get airconditioning, comfy seats, and topnotch pulutan.

Complimentary food. Turnips are really good with umami sauce.
That’s where the umami sauce at. Nothing fancy, really flavorful.
What we ordered: Crab stick, crablet, pork loin, gyoza, classic kushikatsu, pork intestine, and prawn. We loved it.

Prices per skewer range from 39 pesos to 179 pesos. Atrociously expensive? Not so much. It can be justified by the breading that doesn’t sag, by the taste of the breading itself, and by the quality of the food wrapped in breading. Because if we’re being real, the breading either makes or breaks this place.

Eating too much though may be a lot for the palate, as is with everything, and you may crave for something sweet afterwards. They have rice bowls to choose from too, although what’s the point of going to a restaurant if you don’t try their specialty?

We can forgive the little cute voices singing anime theme songs in the background, as long as we get our skewer-beer combo. Playing with our tastebuds is kind of addictive. Nico and I cannot wait to bring our friends.


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