The alternate universe of Bruno Mars

24K Magic is the time machine we need


Just recently, Bruno Mars appeared in ‘60 Minutes’ and talked about his childhood in Hawaii. Before becoming the local “Little Elvis” and the three-time Superbowl performer, the 31-year-old singer revealed that him and his family were homeless at one point. It was a phase in his life that even most of his friends don’t know. When the bird zoo called “Paradise Park” closed down, they lived in a one-room building inside it where they shared one bed. The building doesn’t even have a bathroom.

At one point during the interview, the host asked him, “happy memories?” to which Mars answered, “the best.”

He went on. “We had it all you know. We had each other and it never felt like it was the end of the world. Sorry we don’t got electric today it’s alright, it’s temporary. Were gonna figure this out…”

It’s this kind of perspective and deep appreciation of the past that make Bruno Mars’ newest album, 24K Magic, more than an homage to the people he used to impersonate as a young kid. It is finally the accumulation of his hard work, of his tireless efforts to figure out his sound and his style, and of his desire to conquer the industry at his own pace. It is Bruno Mars in complete trust of the process.

It took four years before he released a new album after Unorthodox Jukebox, and it’s damn worth the wait. The well-condensed album, consisting only of nine tracks, perfectly reflects the kind of man that he is — a glass half-full, Versace-clad, happy-go-lucky kind of man. More than the flawless production of his songs spanning across different decades, his swagger and his new appearance (he finally got rid of the Fedora hat) all the more magnify his funky brand of fun. Fun that is just, pure fun. It is what it is.

Now that the world has gone to shit, Mars’ expertise in manipulating the past and completely embracing it as his own give us the perfect time machine, away from all the BS of politics and social media. He gives us this alternate universe where we are all in Hawaii for a vacation, drinking “strawberry champagne on ice,” or maybe having “sex by the fire at night.” He wants you take his credit card and put miles on that Cadillac. He’s ready to give you a great time and do what he’s best at, which is performing the fuck out of everyone who wants to have a good time.

There is so much joy in seeing him in his comfort zone. Bruno Mars is the guy that everyone roots for (do you know anyone who hates him??). Seeing him happy makes us happy too. This rare charisma makes him appealing to everyone, regardless of one’s political leanings or religious preferences. He makes you want to dress nicely and afford really expensive things, because he makes you feel like YOU DESERVE IT. He encapsulates us in this glitzy fantasy where no one’s allowed to be an ass.

Some artists use their platform to speak on social issues, some artists take a stand, but not this modern-day Michael Jackson crooner. It is by his infectious positivity that he’ll make the world a better place. And you know, sometimes, that’s all we really need.


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