Accepting Drake’s pop star career (It’s not easy for some people)


During Drake’s 30th born day, he released four new songs on a special episode of OVO Sound Radio including “Fake Love.” It took me a while to figure out that all those singing in the new track were all Drake, even that guy belting “hoping they could take my pleeeeheeeys” was actually Drake. Like that was really Drake exploring his vocal range. That was Drake crooning a little bit.

To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on giving it a listen at first. It’s been apparent that the Canadian hero has set his eyes on the money more than anything else, and has been producing radio staples by the hour. Since Views, Drake has become a little too underwhelming for me, and I figured any song that will come after that will be another pop hit with the same old themes — women, fame, success, the 6.

And I was right. But now I’m not mad about that. Thinking about it I realized Views isn’t that bad, and “Fake Love” is actually a dope-ass track. Before, there was something in me wishing that Views should and could be better, that there is no way for my favorite artist’s rap career to go but up. I mean, Nothing Was The Same was such a classic — a bangers and a smooth album all in one; while If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is the perfect house party playlist. I had the expectation that Drake the rapper will continue to say words like “After hours of Il Mulino / Or Sotto Sotto, just talkin’ women and vino / The contract like ’91 Dan Marino /I swear this guy Michael Rapino’s boosting my ego.” I had envisioned a marvellous rap career for my boy Aubrey, but then he shatters them all for choosing to be an artist and an entrepreneur all in one. Maybe that explains why I didn’t find it special.

But then again, I’m not mad about that. It’s now starting to grow on me, in the same way Views grew on me. Still underwhelming, but enough to keep one’s sanity and say that yes, Drake’s still here. It’s an album that you need to give a few more listens so it can vindicate itself as a pop, mainstream, money-making album. Views is nothing deep, but it needs the time to grow ripe in your ears to realize its potential. Personally there was a bit of unease when he decided to shift gears. But now that there’s acceptance on my part, I can actually convince myself enough that Drake hasn’t lost it. Never has, and hopefully, never will.

And maybe that will be the case for all Drake songs from here on. He’s no longer in the path we expected him to take. Well, at least, the path I expected him to take. He’s now in the works to creating his own lane that is moving farther and farther away from his roots. We can actually start calling him an R&B singer, imo.

Drake has the advantage of knowing how to rap and sing. The singer’s capital to fame is staring at me, ~straight up to my face~, and it should come as no surprise that he will capitalize on it more than ever now with such a strong and loyal following. I should have known.

It’s actually amazing to think that Drake has managed to criss-cross into these different genres, but at the same time nothing has been ground-breaking. Everything has been enough to satiate our hunger before the next drop.

Well, Aubrey, I need more.


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