Accepting Drake’s pop star career (It’s not easy for some people)


During Drake’s 30th born day, he released four new songs on a special episode of OVO Sound Radio including “Fake Love.” It took me a while to figure out that all those singing in the new track were all Drake, even that guy belting “hoping they could take my pleeeeheeeys” was actually Drake. Like that was really Drake exploring his vocal range. That was Drake crooning a little bit.

To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on giving it a listen at first. It’s been apparent that the Canadian hero has set his eyes on the money more than anything else, and has been producing radio staples by the hour. Since Views, Drake has become a little too underwhelming for me, and I figured any song that will come after that will be another pop hit with the same old themes — women, fame, success, the 6.

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A sisterhood, not a clique, made by ‘Joanne’


There are so many things to remember about Lady Gaga’s concert in the Philippines during 2012 — the red meat dress and the human meat grinder prop, the prosthetics-filled face, the perfectly synced dancers, the club-feel of everything down to the crowd where some of them donned actual wood in their concert outfits.

But what stood out the most, at least for me, is Lady Gaga singing “Hair,” stripped off the beats and accompanied only by a lone piano. Before that, she drowned the Mall of Asia arena with a “love speech” meant for the protesters outside, requesting that the concert be stopped for having a “bad influence on the youth.” Those were the days when Lady Gaga’s song were entitled “Black Jesus + Amen Fashion,” “Bloody Mary,” and “Judas.” With one leg up a stool, she said the most inspiring things about embracing individuality and loving one’s self — a staple theme in her music.

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