‘Spoiled’ Ateneans prove naysayers wrong with village for displaced folk


When a group of seven millennials decided to create a non-profit organization from scratch, a consultant warned them that they might be perceived as “snotty-nosed, spoiled Ateneans” – those who stand for a cause while relying on their parents’ affluence to finance what they believe in.

Others doubt their level of commitment. With so many years ahead of them, why rush into making the world a better place? Family and friends cannot help but ask why can’t they just focus on their chosen career paths and excel in their own fields.

Their generation, some might think, are such lost dreamers.

But after two years since Taguyod Bayan Foundation Inc.’s (TBFI) establishment, the group has managed to build eight disaster-resilient duplexes for the residents of Sara, Iloilo with their own hands.

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