Eggs for Breakfast (and dinner)

It’s been difficult for Nico and I to find a good place to eat. Although both of us have mastered the art of criticizing food but not cooking, we ought to be picky where we spend our money. The modus operandi of “artisanal” places have been insane, and being millenials (can we still consider ourselves in that category?), known to spend more on food than retirement, we need to make it count.

We decided to try Eggs for Breakfast Cafe in Mambugan, Antipolo. Nico likes eggs, almost to a fault, so this place has automatically caught our fancy. It was funny because when we went there, a wedding reception just finished. It wouldn’t be nice to crash the place wearing a sando and be accompanied by another wearing board shorts, right? The cafe itself only consumes a tenth of the place. It’s situated inside Velada, which, from the looks of it, is an events place for romantic proposals etcetera, etcetera.

Our orders:

  1. Buttermilk pancakes with caramelized bananas – We liked the combination of caramelized rhum deglazed bananas eaten with vanilla ice cream. So much better than any IHOP pancakes. We swear.
  2. One Pan Breakfast – listed under the “League of Champions” menu. We took that as a challenge, because we don’t like the feeling of being intimidated by meat. They described this as their own version of a full English breakfast, so they have the works! Hungarian and Shublig sausages, honey cured bacon, baked beans, tomatoes, roasted potatoes, shitake mushrooms, and of course, eggs. Their bacon wasn’t crispy but surprisingly, still addictive. I personally enjoyed the roasted potatoes the most. Nico enjoyed, well, he looked like he enjoyed everything, except the sausages (no homo).
  3. Coffee – I vowed to stop drinking coffee after countless nights without sleep with a pulsating head. Nico ordered this, so I have no idea.

It’s a place we may go back to. It’s near (at least for us), it’s worth the price, it’s isolated. Despite the motivational posters inside the cafe, it doesn’t scream hippie or bohemian. The place isn’t built for the ‘gram, it’s built for the food. That in itself we like.


One Pan Breakfast. We forgot to take a photo of the pancakes, but they were glorious.

One Pan Breakfast. We forgot to take a photo of the pancakes, but they were glorious.


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