Dust talks

They say eyes are the windows to the soul, but I never believed that shit.

For example, people with hazelnut brown eyes can easily betray an onlooker. They let sunlight illuminate the most ridiculous details about themselves – the way their corneas remind you of cake-like dampened earth after a refreshing rain, or of warmth similar to holding a brewed coffee indoors while the rest of the world gets cold. When it’s dark, their eyes are totally dark too but surprisingly, darkness that’s more enticing than frightening. They ensue mystery that leaves you wanting to discover more. Eyes seem to blend with colors that complement what their humans want them to express. Tears can be baits, winged tips and eyeshadows illusions.

That’s why for me, the best window to the soul is house dust.

When you go inside a person’s house, it’s easy to decode that person’s personality based on the accumulated dirt in every corner and crevice of his abode. When your shoes rub against the door mat, do particles seem to be flying? Are windows left unattended with spider webs? How about the shelves? Can a finger swipe in one of the ledges leave you contaminated? Should you need to pee, do you see his bathroom tiles filled with grimes?

People who own pets usually worry about shedded fur and pee stains, which makes deciphering tricky. For those who live alone, you can easily conclude that the clump of gray fuzz hiding beneath his couch means he’s both irresponsible and alone. If he’s one of your romantic prospects, you are compelled to make a judgment whether you’re willing to be the tending housewife or leave every cleaning in the hands of your future maid. In contrast, perfectly aligned furniture and squeaky glass tables may mean that person has full grasp and control of his life, or maybe, just another serial killer obsessed with covering any sign of prints.

How about the kitchen? Those food particles even show the kind of eating regimen the homeowner follows. A fortuneteller may know your future through palm reading, but beer bottles on the floor or coffee stains in the counter are better indicators to tell if he’s an alcoholic or a corporate slave. You also learn the ability to guess lifespans (considering he won’t die from accidents, of course) by the crumbs of chips he likes to eat.

The bedroom is the most personal places of all, especially the bed. This is where dandruff flakes and falling hair come together with juice droplets, wired game controllers, and often, multiple pieces of socks. A person’s ability to feign emotions is tested when it’s time to hide surprise from too much order or too much mess.

Specks of dust can reveal a person entirely. But to look closely in his bath towel to check for dead skin cells is creepy, and actually takes the fun out of knowing a person, right?


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