We’re all #lazybastards

One evening after an excruciatingly slow day at work, me and Nico decided to ambush our newest favorite place in Makati after El Chupacabra: The Lazy Bastard.

The only photo I took. Food was too good I had no time to spare. And if you’re wondering, yes, that is Nico.

We love the place because it’s true to its words: Food is grossly unhealthy but superbly scrumptious.

It’s actually exhausting to eat ridiculous amounts of meat in one sitting. Nonetheless, we are always up to the challenge. We’ve been in the place twice, and so far we’ve already tried five different meals.

  1. Bacon cheeseburger – Nothing special. In the words of a pubescent girl being asked by her parents how was school, okay lang. Although nowadays, it’s hard to find a good piece of beef for P220.00. It reminded me of Ron Swanson. It will make you realize how beef is the essence of all burgers, so don’t try veggie burgers. It’s not very heavy on the stomach so you can stuff two of these in your body if you’re really really hungry.
  2. Honey Parmesan Dog – Nico tried this one. He told me that the “sausage tasted really good and imported though a bit overcooked. Slight sweetness dahil dun sa honey which you can balance with hot sauce. Bun is meh.” I believe him. We have established trust in this relationship.
  3. Onion Rings – Never been a fan of onions. Or rings. Or anything that sounds like vegetables and proposals. I did try one piece and it was actually sweet. You won’t even taste the onion. But it was onions still so I dismissed the idea. Nico likes ordering them every time we’re there so I’m guessing it’s good stuff.
  4. Tater Tots – I’m betting Tater Bombs are better. They’re made of the same ingredients except Tater Bombs have lots of bacon and Tater Tots are just deep fried potatoes. I don’t even know why I ordered that one it tasted like oil.
  5. Build-your-own breakfast sandwich – I ordered a boring, regular breakfast sandwich. The beauty of breakfast food though, is no matter how boring you think your sandwich is, it’s not. I mean, just read this: Sausage patty with sunny side up egg, strips of crisp bacon and cheese held together by two buttered toast. Amazing. The sunny side up tasted like sunshine. It was oozing.
  6. Fries – Never tried it but gossips in food blogs say they don’t have good fries. Maybe I should try?

Nico likes putting Tabasco on everything, but of course they also have ketchup and mustard. The basics. You can get a wad of tissue but apparently, they don’t have any straws.

We’ll definitely be back until we have tried everything. There’s something called Kimchi Dog and they have avocados for sides. Interesting. We also want to do more breakfast sandwiches using pancakes or hash browns among other breakfast food available. We love breakfast food!!

Lazy B is tinier than a matchbox but I think that’s because it’s originally a take-out place. Well they have a fancy trash can so that balances things out hahahahahaha. I suggest you visit the place during weekdays because we went there on a Friday and it was packed with teenagers. Ugh. Teenagers. How come they are always so loud??


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